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Ghendler Ruvinskij Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH

Street address: Bachemstr. 8, 50676 Köln

Phone: +49 221 162 568 83
Fax: +49 221 – 6777 00 59

Ghendler Ruvinskij Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH is a limited liability company.

The managing directors with responsibility for the content and sole shareholders are:
Dr. Veaceslav Ghendler
Mr. Ilja Ruvinskij

Commercial Register

The company is registered in the Handelsregister (Commercial register for companies) of the local court of the city of Cologne, the register number is HRB 101611.

Professional Liability Insurance for lawyers (Berufshaftplichtversicherung)

R + V Allgemeine Versicherung AG
Raiffeisenplatz 1
65189 Wiesbaden
Liability insurance number Dr. Veaceslav Ghendler: 40625024962253255
Liability insurance number Ilja Ruvinskij: 40684344466351

VAT number according to § 27a Umsatzsteuergesetz (Value Added Tax Act):



Bachemstr. 8
D – 50676 Köln
Telefon: +49 221 – 6777 00 55
Telefax: +49 221 – 6777 00 59

Conference rooms


Friedrichstraße 171
D – 10117 Berlin


Weidkamp 180
D – 45356 Essen


Schumannstraße 27
D – 60325 Frankfurt am Main


Ballindamm 3
D – 20095 Hamburg


Unsöldstraße 2
D – 80538 München

Titles and information according to § 2 DL-InfoV:

Our legal advisors have been awarded their mentioned titles “Rechtsanwalt” (lawyer” or “Fachanwalt” (specialized lawyer) in Germany.
The local Rechtsanwaltskammer (bar association) is the competent supervisory authority for our lawyers.

Contact details of the local bar association as supervisory authority:

Rechtsanwaltskammer Köln
Riehler Strasse 30
50668 Köln
Tel. 0221-97 30 10-0
Fax. 0221-97 30 10-50

Professional regulations for lawyers

As lawyers, we are obliged to perform our actions and legal consultation in accordance with the following professional regulations:

Federal Regulations for Lawyers (Bundesrechtsanwaltsordnung; “BRAO”)
Professional Regulations for Lawyers (Berufsordnung der Rechtsanwälte; “BORA”)
Regulations for Specialized Lawyers (Fachanwaltsordnung; “FAO”)
German Code for Attorney Fees (Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz; “RVG”)
Professional Rules for Lawyers in the European Community (Berufsregeln der Rechtsanwälte der Europäischen Union)

These rules and regulations can be found and reviewed on the website of the German Bar Association:

Notice regarding alternative dispute settlement procedures according to ODR-Verordnung and § 36 VSBG

The platform of the European Union for alternative dispute settlements can be found here: 

We are neither obliged nor willing to take part in a dispute settlement process by the Consumer Arbitration Service (Verbraucherschlichtungsstelle)

Responsible for the content according to § 5 TMG:

Dr. Veaceslav Ghendler (Address as above)
Ilja Ruvinskij (Address as above)


The content of this website, especially but not limited to texts, videos, Forum posts, comments, and articles, and the contents on external websites that are linked to from our website only serve the purpose of general information and do not constitute a legal consultation. This applies particularly to answers to user-generated questions, forum posts and comments. We do not accept any responsibility for validity, up-to-dateness and completeness of any Content, Posts, Comments or Forum discussion.

We do conduct a thorough examination of linked external content regarding its validity, however we do not accept any responsibility for that content. For the content of external sites that are linked to from our website, only the owners of those sites are responsible.

There is no legal claim whatsoever – to any conduction of our free services, including but not limited to first consultations, legal examinations of documents or first legal evaluations. This applies to whether a free service in general is offered, the extent and depth of such a free first consultation, the time and scheduling of such an appointment or the means of communication by which such a free service is conducted.

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy can be found here:

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Note for potential cease-and-desist-letters (Abmahnungen)

Should the intention occur to charge us with a cease-and-desist-letter or any form of legal warning letter (“Abmahnung”) that incurs a fee or damages, we hereby respectfully appeal for an initial contact approach via other means for the purpose of reducing costs and legal animosities.
Potential fees of a lawyerly cease-and-desist-letter or any form of legal warning letter without prior contact attempt will be rejected as a result of our obligation of cost-minimization. Any resulting costs will be charged to the sender.