Most Wanted Skilled Workers and Specialists in Germany

There is no doubt that the grass is greener in Germany. The country has seen an immigration boom lately. With skilled workers and specialists in Germany buying into the promise of a better future. Also with unemployment rate as low as 5%, Germany is by far the biggest economy in the EU. There are many options to select from in the many sectors within both the private and public spheres and not just that. Also small to medium-size businesses are major factors in the thriving economy.

If you’re looking to start a business that’s going to flourish, or just seeking security, we have a solution to simplify it for you. Given the low unemployment rates, booming economy, employment chances and very low crime rates, Germany is in demand. This is because it’s now a country of choice for skilled workers. With ideal laws that protect third-country nationals and EU Blue Card holders, Germany offers perks that are ideal. Including great employee benefits and a welcoming attitude towards entrepreneurs. Ones which are willing to start up their own businesses.

Why would you want to settle in Germany?

Learning a foreign language has never been so lucrative. When it comes to making a life-changing decision like immigration, you’d want to make sure that you’re moving to a place that is stable. Comestics really don’t matter at all. So while a country might offer natural beauty, if it does not offer much in the work sector, it’s a no go.

Germany stands out as a country that values its workforce. Labour law reflects this as it regulates to favour employees. Skilled workers are in very high demand. With that demand comes above-average wages and great benefits. The employer and employee relationship are mutual, with loyalty being at the centre. Employers are more than willing to invest in their employee’s growth. This makes career progress easier in shorter time frames.

The key focus of German labour law is on employee protection. Especially in terms of vacation, bargaining councils and termination agreements.

The work and life balance and it’s benefits

The work and life balance is often the deal maker. Vacation days are set by law as at least four weeks a year. With a 6-week sick leave granting that can extend to an extra 6 weeks if needed. In contrast, Canada offers 10 days of vacation while this law isn’t even in the USA. Maternity leavers receive pay, often up to a year long. Social security is also law, making even a late-term life-changing move easier. Working hours are flexible, with workweeks running from Monday to Friday. The only ones that aren’t are retailers. But Sundays are when most stores close.

Germany also has a great transport setup. With cities connecting ideally through trains, trams and buses. So, not only do you benefit from flexible hours, but you also save time on your commute. Added to this is the no-limit speed on most rural roads. And I’m sure you can feel the wind blowing through your hair as you cruise through the countryside in your drop-top.

German Healthcare is law for everyone, meaning that every person living in the country has to receive it. This is whether it is public or private healthcare. You get to decide on public or private but an extra plus is that employers have to pay at least half of your insurance.

We offer legal consultation for the countless opportunities to live and work in Germany. We look forward to you reaching out to us!

Plumbers, electricians and craftsman are among the most in-demand

Skilled workers in specific fields are in high demand. Along with workers with degrees in the plumbing, electrical and craftsman areas. Fields such as IT, natural sciences, engineering, maths and medicine are all “shortage occupations”.

What are the requirements for skilled workers?

Skilled workers all have equal chances to apply for the EU Blue Card. The EU Blue Card is basically a working and living permit for third-country nationals. It affords them full rights to live and work in EU countries. Through it, permanent citizenship after the requirements are met. Germany offers EU blue card approval for 4 years and is renewable. But there are conditions when applying for it, and you’ll see mention of these below:

  • Skilled workers must hold a degree recognised by Germany
  • At least 5 years experience in your field
  • Have a job offer or contract in the country for at least a year
  • Meet the minimum salary mark in Germany
  • Provide proof that national standards have been met in the case of vetted professions
  • Have valid Healthcare insurance

Getting a Visa for skilled workers and specialists in Germany

There is another option available should you not meet the conditions for an EU Blue Card. A Visa is a basic need for all third-country applicants. A job seeker Visa will allow you to live and work in Germany for six months. But the degree, experience and Healthcare requirements are standard. Also, entrepreneurs, who are currently the backbone of the German economy, will need to provide a full business plan in order to obtain a visa.

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