Relocation Services

360° Support upon your arrival in Germany

To become a German citizen and start your life in Germany, many practical questions need to be answered first: where do you want to live, what kind of accommodation are you looking for, how do you get in touch with a possible landlord or agent and how will all your precious belongings get here?

We offer you peace of mind such that you do not have to worry about these questions at any point of your immigration process.

We are happy to take over all the upcoming tasks so you only have to consider the things that are most important to you.

In cooperation with our partners at Expats in Wonderland GmbH, we are able to offer these services in most large cities or metropolitan areas.

Find your new home and settle in

Apartment hunting can be very tedious, especially in Germany’s large cities where turnover is lightning quick and 40 or more people can apply for a precious flat easily within the first few hours of the listing.

Our firm has extensive experience in dealing with housing agents, landlords, authorities, and handymen. We can offer quick, unbureaucratic solutions to any issues that may occur during the relocation process so you can expect smooth sailing until your apartment or house is ready for you to move in.

We will search the listings for you and prepare suitable offers. Many landlords or agents demand information about your financial status like a Schufa-Auskunft and other certifications. Some landlords might have questions concerning documents such as proof of income.

With us you will not have to worry about this. We will make your apartment hunt a success!

Our team together with our partners at Expats in Wonderland will help you move in popular metros around Germany. We look forward to you reaching out to us!

Tenancy Management

We will also accompany you as you receive the keys to your new place. In doing so, we make sure the handover protocol is correct, so any unpleasant surprises at the end of the lease can be avoided from the very beginning.

If you like, we can make sure the apartment is spotless by hiring a cleaning firm beforehand. We can also provide a starting pack of delicious and high-quality German groceries.

Relocation Service after the rental contract is signed

Once the lease is confirmed, there are many more factors required to make your start in Germany a success. With our immigration law firm at your disposal, you have all it takes to go through all these stress-free!

In Germany, the cost of an apartment consists of the rent itself and the utilities. Some utilities, or Nebenkosten, are included in the rent payment, others aren’t and need to be arranged separately. Usually, you choose the electricity provider yourself and pay that bill separately, as it is not included in the utilities.

It’s also important to make sure the contract with the internet provider is in place early, because in some cases it takes some time for the internet connection to be turned on. We’re available to help you arrange this.

Minor repairs are usually the responsibility of the tenant, so if necessary, we will arrange for them to be carried out by a local company. Also if you like the furniture to be rearranged or renewed, we can also take charge of that. Of course, we will always choose the best offer for you and act according to your interests.

Our Services:

  • We work together with our partners at Expats in Wonderland Berlin
  • We offer full-service assistance in the home country as well as in Germany
  • Legalisation / apostille is taken care of by us
  • Arranging appointments or conduct correspondence with authorities and diplomatic representations
  • Assistance with all the relevant legal documents by a specialized lawyer
  • Clearance of residential rights and the relevant permits
  • Making sure no deadlines of visas and residence permits are missed
  • Clarifying tax-related issues and social security
  • Home search and settling in (for most large cities)
  • House moving, setting up furniture and belongings
  • Contracts with local services
  • You can utilize our extensive network in the host country

Do you have further questions or require a service that’s not on the list? Don’t hesitate to contact us and we will get in touch with you as soos as possible.

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Valerie Tiet

Lawyer and head of the Immigration Law Department

Do you want to start a company or begin working in Germany, or is your family already here and you would like to join them? Are you interested in studying at one of the many universities?

We offer legal consultation for the countless opportunities to live and work in Germany. In the process we’ll focus on the legal demands but will support you in practical matters like the move itself.

We at GHENDLER RUVINSKIJ Attorneys at Law are experts in the areas of immigration law and the rights of immigrants as well as labor, contract, corporate, tax and commercial law. With this much experience we can answer any question concerning immigration, which would be especially interesting for business founders or self-employed people.

From preparing the visa application to the issuance of the residence permit, we are glad to be your contact and competent companion throughout. We’ll offer you plenty of support while you establish your business or build a new life in Germany.

We look forward to you reaching out to us!