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Deciding where to study in Europe can be challenging and confusing when you have so many countries to choose from. There are several options, but Germany is your best bet, and there is good reason ehy it has been the top destination for international students wanting to continue their educational ventures. Hundreds of students from every corner of the world apply for degrees and programs that are provided in a cost-effective manner, with world-class standards, picturesque landscapes and exposure to multiple cultures. The language, stories, folk customs and traditions, food, countryside and possibilities of many leisurely activities make the country ideal for international students.

With 400 institutes offering higher education located across Germany it is the fourth most popular country with international students. A survey in 2018 revealed 10 German colleges were in the top 100 universities worldwide as well as in Europe’s top 20 institutes. Germany has over 1500 courses available that come in English. Many of the courses include PhDs, Bachelor’s programs, master’s degrees and doctorates. But in case you’re not interested in a complete degree program, there are short term programs and language courses available as well.

There are the following types of student visa for Germany:

  • German student visa, which is a standard student visa for international students who are admitted to a German university and are willing to start their studies in a full-time university programme.
  • German student applicant visa, which is required if the applicant has to stay in Germany to apply for university admission in person. It is only valid for the university application process.
  • German language course visa, which is required to attend a German language course in Germany.

Let our team assist you in all the requirements and procedures to obtain a student visa in Germany. We look forward to you reaching out to us!

Our Services:

  • Preparation of the visa application
  • Accompaniment in the visa procedure: taking over the complete correspondence with the embassy
  • If the visa is denied: preparation of the remonstration
  • After entry: taking over the correspondence and preparation of the application at the foreigners authority
  • Registration at the local registration office
  • Preparation of the application for a settlement permit

Additional Service:

  • In the case of further rejection: representation in the proceedings at first instance

Please provide us with the following documents for the application:

  • Copy of your passport
  • A biometric picture
  • Copy of your birth certificate
  • Proof of health insurance
  • Previous German residence permit or previous Schengen visa
  • Proof of your German language skills (A1)
  • Proof of Financial Resources (any of the following): 
    • 10.332€ deposit confirmation at a German blocked bank account
    • Letter of commitment and evidence of your parent’s income records and financial assets
    • Letter of Commitment by a german resident (Verpflichtungserklärung)
    • Bank guarantee (issued by a recognized german bank)
    • Scholarship awarding certificate

If you have children, please also provide the following documents:

  • Copy of your children’s passport
  • Copy of the birth certificate

If you are married, please also provide following documents:

  • Copy of your spouse’s birth certificate
  • Copy of your marriage certificate
  • A translated version of your marriage certificate

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Valerie Tiet

Lawyer and head of the Immigration Law Department

Do you want to start a company or begin working in Germany, or is your family already here and you would like to join them? Are you interested in studying at one of the many universities?

We offer legal consultation for the countless opportunities to live and work in Germany. In the process we’ll focus on the legal demands but will support you in practical matters like the move itself.

We at GHENDLER RUVINSKIJ Attorneys at Law are experts in the areas of immigration law and the rights of immigrants as well as labor, contract, corporate, tax and commercial law. With this much experience we can answer any question concerning immigration, which would be especially interesting for business founders or self-employed people.

From preparing the visa application to the issuance of the residence permit, we are glad to be your contact and competent companion throughout. We’ll offer you plenty of support while you establish your business or build a new life in Germany.

We look forward to you reaching out to us!